Vostok Lunokhod 2 Automat Review

Lunokhod 2 Automat


Vostok Europe Lunokhod 2 Automat NH35A-6204208


The model was named after the month-Propelled device Lunokhod, who worked on the moon from 11/17/1970 to 04/10/1971, which was three times longer than planned. After exhausting the heat source supplies izotopného 09/30/1971 Lunokhod not able to connect with the Earth and 10/04/1971 were suspended all attempts to contact him. For decades, Americans tried to contact him to find it after 38 years succeeded. California Institute scientists have found remains of Luna 17, Lunokhod who got to the moon, then the sign of the wheels, and finally, a small bump, which assumed that it is very Lunokhod. When there lasserový sent a signal to the Lunokhod odpovedal.Udivujúce was that retaliatory signal was much stronger than the signal of the younger and more modern equipment. As if someone Lunokhod cleared.

11.12.1993 was issued Lunokhod at auction Sotbis. After the developing cost 5 000 USD was finally auctioned included 68 500 USD son allegedly American astronaut. The catalog of objects on display indicated that the object is buried on the moon.

  • multi-layered dial, where bottom layer mimics the lunar surface
  • 15 tritium vials placed vertically to the face. Each vial has a mirror reflector (like Lunokhod) for better illumination.
  • The shape of the housing itself reminds Lunokhod


Watch features
type men watches
gadget mechanical self-winding movement
glass K1 hardened mineral with a thickness of 3.5 mm
Case stainless steel, black PVD
case – the average 49 mm
waterproof 300m /30ATM
Strap / bracelet leather and silicon strap is supplied in a waterproof box (box is 10 ATM water resistant), strap width is 24 mm
features luminous hands, luminous indexes, date